Henry Cornelius

South Africa, , London, England


He studied acting in Berlin with Max
Reindhardt, and worked there for some time as a producer in theatre. In 1933
emigrates to France and in 1934 starts working as editor assistant (like
Crichton he worked for Alexander Korda). During WW II directs documentaries in
his motherland and makes his debut for Ealing with the feature film Passport
to Pimlico
. He died during filming Law and Disorder, which he had
been directing together with Charles Crichton.


Next to No Time (1960)
I Am a Camera (1955)
Genevieve (1953)
The Galloping Major (1951)
Passport to Pimlico (1949)

Films by this director

Passport to Pilmico


Directed by: Henry Cornelius

The story is set in Pimlico, a London inner neighborhood. A sudden explosion reveals a treasure and a document that claims that Pimlico is in fact a part of Burgundy. Soon, all the pubs start to work all night; there are imported goods in all stores. But, British Whitehall cannot stay neutral and soon it sets new laws and customs that isolate Pimlico…

black and white, 84 min
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