Juan José Campanella

Buenos Aires, Argentina - 19.07.1959



Campanella is a director, screenwriter and producer of TV series and feature films. In 1980 he gave up on his engineering studies and later he said that the reason for that was the film All that jazz that he saw right before he was supposed to enroll to his final year of college. In 1979, he directed his first short feature film Prioridad nacional. Afterwards he moved to the US and enrolled to the Tisch School of Arts, school for performing and media arts in New York. Four years later together with Fernando Castets he wrote the screenplay and directed his second film, the documentary Victoria 392. After graduation in the US he directed two more films, the thriller The Boy Who Cried Bitch (1991) and the noir Love Walked In (1997) starring Denis Leary and Terence Stamp. From mid 1990’s until today he has directed many episodes of American TV series, such as Law & Order and Dr. House. He wrote another screenplay with Fernando Castets and directed the romantic comedy El mismo amor, la misma lluvia (1999) starring Ricardo Darín as the lead and Eduardo Blanco in the supporting role. He collaborated with those three again in his next award-winning comedy El hijo de la novia (2001), which was nominated for an Oscar as best foreign film in 2002, as well as in the sports comedy Luna de Avellaneda (2004). Ricardo Darin also starred in his crime drama The Secret in Their Eyes (El secreto de sus ojos, 2009) that brought him international fame. The film won an Oscar as best foreign film 2010 as well as many other awards on film festivals around the world. He also directed the animated film Metegol (2013). Even though he mostly works in the US and Argentina, he has been a citizen of Spain since 2006.


Films by this director

The Secret in Their Eyes

(El secreto de sus ojos, 2009)

Directed by: Juan José Campanella

Benjamín Espósito has spent his entire career working in court. After retiring he decides to write a novel based on a real event he took part in: the case of a rape and murder of a beautiful young woman that took place in 1974. Even though his department had two suspects, Benjamín and his colleague were convinced that the killer was somebody else. Those were turbulent years in the Argentinian history, and this case continues to intrigue Benjamín. Among other character...

color, digital, 129 min
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