Juanma Bajo Ulloa

01.01.1967, Vitoria Gasteiz


Ulloa is a Spanish director and screenwriter who began making short movies as a fourteen-year-old. Producers from one Spanish television company noticed his early works, and produced his short film Akixo (1989), shot on 16 mm. His next short film, El reino de Victor (1989), was the first film he shot on 35 mm. In 1991, he directed and produced his first feature film Butterfly Wings (Alas de mariposa). For this film, he won two Goya awards, in the categories of Best Debut and Original Screenplay. His later films include The Dead Mother (La madre muerta, 1993), Airbag (1997) and Frágil (2004).


Films by this director

Butterfly Wings

(Alas de mariposa, 1991)

Directed by: Juanma Bajo Ulloa
PHOTOGRAPHY: Aitor Mantxola

Ami is a sensitive six-year-old girl. Carmen, her mother, is prepossessed with the desire to give birth to a son and therefore neglects Ami. When Carmen finally gets pregnant and gives birth to a son, Ami soon becomes extremely jealous. She tries to strangle her own brother…

color, 108 minuta
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