Lisa Barros D'Sa

Belfast, 1974



Lisa Barros D'Sa and Glenn Leyburn are a couple who produces and directs. Lisa studied English at Oxford and graduated in screenwriting at the University for Arts in London. She wrote the screenplay for the short film The 18th Electricity Plan, which she co-directed with Leyburn in 2006. Three years later they made their debut with the feature film Cherrybomb (2009) about a group of teenagers whose wild weekend party ends badly. Afterwards, they directed the well-received musical biopic Good Vibrations (2012) about the legendary Irish “godfather” of the local punk scene in the 1970’s. In the same year, they were the executive producers of the drama The Good Man (2012). They also produced the feature drama I Am Belfast (2015).


Films by this director

Good Vibrations


Directed by: Lisa Barros D'Sa
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ivan McCullough

This is a biographical humorous drama about Terri Hooley, owner of a LP records store who played a great role in the emergence of punk rock scene in Belfast in the 1970’s. While conflicts are rising in Norther Ireland, Terri is an idealist, great fan of music and a rebel who decided to use the music as a means for obtaining peace. He opened a music shop called Good Vibrations and promoted reggae music. After discovering punk rock he became a producer and a promotor for the emerging local p...

b/w, color, digital, 103 min
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