Alexandria... Why?

Eskanderia…Leh, feature film, Egypt, Alžir, 1979

DIRECTED BY: Youssef Chahine

Alexandria... Why?

Ahmed Zaki,
Naglaa Fathy,
Farid Shawqi

Youssef Chahine

Mohsen Nasr

This is the first part of the famous Chahine’s autobiographical trilogy about Alexandria. The story takes place at the time of WW II when Rommel’s Nazi tanks approach Alexandria. In such uncertain times, eighteen year old Mohsen (the director’s alter-ego) is more interested in film and his acting career than the serious events around him. The city is about to explode and the national pride of the local people is awakened. We follow the destinies of several characters, among others a homosexual Egyptian aristocrat who seduces English soldiers and then kills them. Mohsen’s family does not understand their son’s ambition. The film won the Silver Bear in Berlin.

color, 133'