The Exterminating Angel

El ángel exterminador, feature film, drama, Mexico, 1962

DIRECTED BY: Luis Buñuel

The Exterminating Angel

Silvia Pinal (Leticia),
Enrique Rambal (Edmundo Nobile),
Claudio Brook (Julio),
José Baviera (Leandro Gomez),
Augusto Benedico (Carlos Conde)

Luis Buńuel,
Luis Alcoriza (based on play by José Bergamín)

Gabriel Figueroa

Carlos Savage

This is a bitter satire that follows the progressive degeneration of a group of noble people into bestial savages. The film begins with a group of guests arriving to dinner. They are all elegantly dressed and they seem to be having a great time. After dinner they retire to the salon where they learn that all the servants have disappeared and that they for some unknown reason cannot leave the room even though all windows and doors are open.

b/w, 95'