Anina američka adresa

feature-length documentary, 2005

DIRECTED BY: Petar Krelja

Petar Krelja

Karmelo Kursar

This is a story about Ana Vidović, internationally acclaimed guitarist. The movie consists of film and video sequences from Ana’s daily life and follows her musical maturation in the period between 1986, when she was four years old and made her first musical steps in her hometown Velika Jelsa, and 2005 when she won a scholarship for the Peabody Academy in Baltimore, and then later at the age of 24, when she became a regular guest at many world famous concert halls. In this film Ana, besides demonstrating her impressive musical talent and skills, evokes the tough moments in her path to success. Many important people who influenced Ana’s life and art appear and talk in this film. Among others, we hear from her parents, Anđelka and Ljubo, brothers Viktor and Silvio, professors Isztvan Römer and Ray Chester, master of guitar Suzanne Bulua, music producer engineer Edward Tetreault, cello player Višnja Mažuran and Monika Lekovar.

color, 66 min