Bakonja fra Brne

feature film, Yugoslavia, 1951

DIRECTED BY: Fedor Hanžeković

Bakonja fra Brne

Miša Marković (Bakonja),
Milan Ajvaz (fra-Brne),
Vasa Kosić (fra-Srdar),
Josip Petričić (fra-Vrtirep),
Milivoj Presečki (fra-Tetka),
Josip Vikario,
Mira Stupica (Maša),
Milena Vrsajkov

Fedor Hanžeković (based on novel by Šime Matavulj)

Oktavijan Miletić

Boris Papandopulo

Blaženka Jenčik

The film tells the story of a young man from a village who becomes a priest in order to help his father financially. As a director, Hanžeković devoted special attention to the genesis of his main character, Bakonja i.e. Ivo, who goes from being a naïve, inexperienced and honest boy to a cynical, cunning and sly guardian, equipped with experiences from life both in and outside of the monastery. Hanžeković succeeded well in creating a farcical portrayal of the monastic life, relationships between monks and other picturesque characters.

b/w, 35 mm, 103'