Divine Love

Divino amor, feature film, Brazil, Urugvaj, Chile, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, 2019

DIRECTED BY: Gabriel Mascaro

Divine Love

Dira Paes,
Julio Machado,
Emílio de Melo,
Teca Pereira,
Calum Rio,
Mariana Nunes,
Thalita Carauta

Gabriel Mascaro,
Rachel Ellis,
Lucas Paraizo,
Esdras Bezerra

Diego Garcia

Livia Serpa,
Eduardo Serrano,
Fernando Epstein,
George Cragg


In the year 2027, on paper, Brazil is still a secular country, but in reality, it is spiralling towards a religious dystopia, in which people stop at the local drive-through for a serving of religious staples from the preacher instead of hamburgers. An individual’s purpose is to enter a god-fearing marriage, while public scanners announce which women are pregnant and which are not. For bureaucrat Joana, the new order is paradise. A devout believer, she uses her position to sabotage her clients’ divorces in Kafkaesque proceedings, while she herself desperately tries to conceive. Mascaro’s (Neon BullZFF 2015) neon-soaked futurist drama is a mesmerising feat in which gospel and erotica intersperse in this pertinent story of faith and power.

Subtitles: HR, EN

color, 100'