Da li je umro dobar čovjek?

feature film, 1962.

DIRECTED BY: Fadil Hadžić

Mile Gatara (Petar),
Boris Dvornik (Miki),
Ana Pavić (Maja),
Mića Tomić (Vagner),
Manja Golec (Dijana)

Fadil Hadžić,
Žika Živulović

Branko Ivatović

Petar is a retired man who wants to earn some money in order to build a monument to his deceased wife. He gets a job in a department store and his task is to find people who do not pay their bills on time, but he is too naïve and goodhearted for that kind of work. Slowly he gets entangled in a web of interpersonal relations between his clients.

35 mm, b/w, 105 minuta