The Young One

La joven, feature film, drama, Mexico, 1960

DIRECTED BY: Luis Buñuel

The Young One

Zachary Scott (Miller),
Bernie Hamilton (Traver),
Key Meersman (Evalyn),
Crahan Denton (Jackson),
Claudio Brook (svećenik Fleetwood)

Luis Buñuel,
Hugo Butler (based on story by Peter Matthiessen)

Gabriel Figueroa

Carlos Savage

Traver, a young black musician, is on the run after being falsely accused of rape. He arrives to an isolated island inhabited by the middle-aged Miller and fourteen-year-old Evalyn, whose grandpa recently passed away. Now Miller takes care of the girl and plans to marry her. During Miller’s absence from the island, Traver meets Evalyn and pays her for some food and a gun. When Miller finds out about Traver’s visit he decides to find him and kill him. But soon a priest arrives to the island and looks for Evalyn...

b/w, 96'