Schloß Vogelöd

feature film, 1921

DIRECTED BY: Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau

Schloß Vogelöd

Arnold Korff,
Lothar Mehnert,
Paul Bildt

Carl Mayer,
Berthold Viertel po noveli Rudolfa Stratza

László Schäffer,
Fritz Arno Wagner

In a castle Vogelöd the aristocracy awaits the arrival of countess Safferstätt. Among them is the uninvited count Oetsch. Everyone believes that, three years ago, he murdered his brother, countess Safferstätt’ s first husband. Even though he is unwanted, the count stays. He keeps stressing that he is not the murderer and swears to find the perpetrator… It is often said that Schloß Vogelöd was the director’s warming up for the film Nosferatu.

b/w, 56 min