The Birds, the Bees and the Italians

Signore e signori, feature film, 1965.

DIRECTED BY: Pietro Germi

The Birds, the Bees and the Italians

Virna Lisi (Milena Zulian),
Gastone Moschin (Osvaldo Bisigato),
Alberto Lionello (Toni Gasparini),
Olga Villi (Ippolita Gasparini),
Beba Lončar (Noemi Castellan)

Pietro Germi,
Agenore Incrocci,
Furio Scarpelli,
Luciano Vincenzoni

Aiace Parolin

This is an omnibus about love problems of middle-aged men from Italian provincial towns. The first story is about a womanizer who pretends in front of a doctor that he suffers from impotency so as to seduce the doctor’s wife. The second story is about a married man who leaves his wife for a young waitress, but persecuted for adultery, he is soon forced to leave the country. In the third story, a villager decides to sue several rich men for seducing his daughter. He gets offered money to withdraw his accusations.

b/w, 35 mm, 115 min