Ivana the Terrible

Ivana cea Groaznică, feature film, Romania, Serbia, 2019

DIRECTED BY: Ivana Mladenović

Ivana the Terrible

Ivana Mladenović,
Luka Gramić,
Gordana Mladenović,
Miodrag Mladenović,
Kosta Mladenović

Ivana Mladenović,
Adrian Schiop

Carmen Tofeni

Patricia Chelaru,
Cătălin Cristuțiu


A comedy about a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown in which the director Ivana Mladenović plays the role of herself. This bittersweet fictional autobiography traces the intimate neuroses of an individual, family and the wider community. The film was inspired by real-life events and features appearances by the director’s friends and family. The film centres on Ivana, a Serbian actress living in Romania who, in the midst of a psychological crisis decides to spend the summer in her hometown on the Danube, surrounded by family. She gets a celebrity welcome, but it doesn’t take long for the rumours to start. The film premiered at Locarno, winning Filmmakers of the Present Special Jury Award.

Subtitles: HR, EN

color, 89'