One Way Trip

Geulroridei, feature film, drama, 2015

DIRECTED BY: Jeong-yeol Choi

One Way Trip

Ji-soo (Yong-Bi),
Suho (Sang-Woo),
Jun-yeol Ryu (Ji-Gong),
Hee-Chan Kim (Doo-Man),
Dong-wan Kim

Jeong-yeol Choi

Hyung-Bin Lee


This is a story about four twenty-year-old friends who find themselves in unusual circumstances. Sang-Woo is preparing to join the military and goes away to a sort of a farewell trip with his best friends. They spend the evening drinking on a beach and happen to notice a man beating a woman. They help the woman but it turns out that decision has grave consequences…

color, 93 min