Jubilej gospodina Ikla

feature film, comedy, Jadran film, 1955

DIRECTED BY: Vatroslav Mimica

Jubilej gospodina Ikla

Antun Nalis (Teodor Ikl),
Lila Andres (Estera Ikl),
August Cilić (Leopold pl. Borovitza),
Borivoj Šembera (Dr. Mihajlo Miki Laufer),
Mila Mosinger (Irma Bažul),
Asja Đurđević (Rezika),
Zvonko Strmac (Florijan Krkač),
Nela Eržišnik (Flora)

Vatroslav Mimica,
Antun Nalis

Oktavijan Miletić

Vladimir Tadej


Zagreb, 1929. Industrialist Ikl wakes up in horror in a morgue and realizes that he has been buried alive. He escapes from the cemetery and returns home where he discovers that his attractive wife and relatives have turned his funeral into a party. They are getting drunk and celebrating his death while hoping for a part of the inheritance… 

b/w, restored 35 mm copy, 74 min