Great Freedom

Grosse Freiheit, feature film, Austria, Germany, 2021

DIRECTED BY: Sebastian Meise

Great Freedom

Franz Rogowski,
Georg Friedrich,
Anton von Lucke,
Thomas Prenn

Thomas Reider,
Sebastian Meise

Crystel Fournier

Joana Scrinzi


In post-war Germany, Hans (Franz Rogowski – Victoria, Undine, Transit) is repeatedly incarcerated because of the infamous Article 175 that treats male homosexuality as a criminal act. Having survived the Nazi concentration camp, in 1945, Hans is transferred directly to prison, where he meets Victor (Georg Friedrich – Bright Nights, Silver Bear for Best Actor), a convicted murderer. During Hans’s frequent returns, the initial animosity between the two men evolves into something akin to love. Great Freedom is Austria’s Oscar candidate and this year’s Jury Prize winner in Un Certain Regard at Cannes.

color, 116'