The Box

La Caja, feature film, USA, Mexico, 2021

DIRECTED BY: Lorenzo Vigas

The Box

Hatzin Navarrete,
Hernán Mendoza,
Elián González,
Cristina Zulueta,
Dulce Alexa Alfaro

Lorenzo Vigas,
Paula Markovitch

Sergio Armstrong G.

Isabela Monteiro de Castro,
Pablo Barbieri


Winner of the Golden Lion for his debut From Afar (ZFF 2015), Lorenzo Vigas delivers a dark psychological thriller about a boy who obsessively tries to infiltrate a stranger’s life, convinced it’s his father. Hatzin is traveling home from a remote mining town, carrying a box with the remains of his father, a migrant worker who died in a work-related accident. On the way, he spots a man who reminds him of his father. The film has screened in Venice, Toronto and San Sebastián, and owes its fascinating aesthetics to cinematographer Sergio Armstrong, a frequent collaborator of Pablo Larraín.

Subtitles: EN, HR

color, 90'