The August Virgin

La virgen de agosto, feature film, Spain, 2019

DIRECTED BY: Jonás Trueba

The August Virgin

Itsaso Arana,
Vito Sanz,
Isabelle Stoffel,
Joe Manjon,
María Herrador,
Luis Heras,
Mikele Urroz

Jonás Trueba,
Itsaso Arana

Santiago Racaj

Marta Velasco


It’s summertime in Madrid and the unbearable heat has forced most of its residents out of town. On the eve of her 33rd birthday, as a token of her faith, Eva decides to spend the sultry August days in the city. As the streets teem with fiestas offering tourist and locals a refuge from the heat, Eva meets a cast of different characters she tries to help. In a series of brief encounters and unexpected adventures, she will have several epiphanies and soothe her inner restlessness. In order to make the main protagonist as authentic as possible, director Jonás Trueba wrote the script in collaboration with lead actress Itsaso Arana. The film premiered at Karlovy Vary, receiving a Special Jury Mention.

Subtitles: HR, EN

color, 129'