Lola (1981)

feature film, 1981

DIRECTED BY: Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Lola (1981)

Barbara Sukowa (Lola),
Armin Mueller-Stahl (Von Bohm),
Mario Adorf (Schukert),
Matthias Fuchs (Esslin),
Helga Feddersen (Frau Hettich)

Rainer Werner Fassbinder,
Pea Fröhlich,
Peter Märthesheimer

Xaver Schwarzenberger

Lola is a singer and dancer in a cabaret. Von Bohm is a construction inspector enchanted by Maria-Luise, the daughter of his land-lady. He receives an assignment to investigate possible corruption in a local night club; Von Bohm realizes that Marie-Louise is actually Lola, a dancer. This discovery will force him to choose between the woman he loves and a job he believes in.

digital, color, 113 min