Makedonskiot del od pekolot

Makedonskiot del od pekolot / Македонски дел од пеколот, feature film, 1971

DIRECTED BY: Vatroslav Mimica

Makedonskiot del od pekolot

Aco Jovanovski,
Darko Damevski,
Fabijan Šovagović,
Ilija Milčin,
Kole Angelovski,
Milena Dravić,
Nada Gešovska,
Pavle Vuisić,
Petre Prličko

Slavko Janevski (po ratnim zapisima Pande Taškovskog),
Vatroslav Mimica

Kiro Bilbilovski

The story is set in a village Lavci close to Bitola, and is about a teacher who initiated a partisan rebellion against Bulgarian occupation. This film is on one hand a story about this horrifying occupation and its goals (breaking down Macedonians and turning them into Bulgarians), and on the other the legend of a Macedonian teacher who tried to inspire people to rebel against this, (a teacher who was brutally killed – burned down in a stable after refusing to surrender; there is a legend that only his bones were found inside)... As the director Vatroslav Mimica said himself, this film still has a cult following in Macedonia.

color, 102 min