A Place in the Sun

feature film, 1951.

DIRECTED BY: George Stevens

A Place in the Sun

Montgomery Clift,
Elizabeth Taylor,
Shelley Winters,
Anne Revere,
Keefe Brasselle,
Fred Clark

Michael Wilson,
Harry Brown

William C. Mellor

George Eastman hitchhikes a ride to a town where he is supposed to get a job in his rich uncle Charles’ factory. The beautiful Angela Vickers drives by him without stopping. George’s job in the factory consist of packing swimming suits all day long and he works hard hoping for a promotion. He is lonely and ends up in bed with Alice Tripp, a simple girl and coworker, which is against the company’s rules. After being promoted, he gets invited to a party at the Vicker estate where he meets Angela. Soon, they fall in love…

b/w, digital, 122 min