Na novom putu

documentary, Jadran film, 1948

DIRECTED BY: Krešo Golik

Na novom putu

Vesna Parun

Viktor Farago


This documentary describes the development of agricultural cooperatives in Slavonia and Baranja. After the arrival of colonists to the plains of Slavonia, working cooperatives are formed and people start to work in them. Agricultural equipment is modernized, work is better organized and outbuildings and silos are built. The film ends with the scene showing the annual meeting of the agricultural cooperative in Sesvetski Kraljevec. Other cooperatives are shown or mentioned in the same documentary. According to the unwritten rules of that time, every director had to prove himself by making a documentary about cooperatives. Thus, Golik made his contribution to the series of films about cooperatives and the philosophy of work of that time. 

b/w, 35 mm, 22 min