The Innocents

Los inocentes / Cronica negra, feature film, 1963

DIRECTED BY: Juan Antonio Bardem

The Innocents

Alfredo Alcón (Guido Santrori),
Paloma Valdés (Elena Ezzquellia),
Enrique Fava (Ignazio Fuentes),
Zelmar Gueńol (Leiva Fuentes),
Lía Casanova (Natalia Ezzquellia)

Juan Antonio Bardem,
Eduardo Borrás,
Antonio Eceiza,
Elías Querejeta

Alberto Etchebehere

This is a critique of the bourgeois told through a story of two adulterers. While Bardem’s Death of a Cyclist begins with an accident caused by adulterers, this film begins with the death of the adulterers themselves. What were an older member of the elite and the young wife of a bank clerk doing alone in a car?

35 mm, b/w, 105 min