Trouble every day

feature film, 2001.

DIRECTED BY: Claire Denis

Trouble every day

Vincent Gallo (Shane Brown),
Tricia Vessey (June Brown),
Béatrice Dalle (Coré),
Alex Descas (Léo),
Florence Loiret Caille (Christelle)

Claire Denis,
Jean-Pol Fargeau

Agnès Godard

Shane and June are a young American couple, who came from Denver to Paris on their honeymoon. Shane has another reason for visiting Paris, he needs help from Léo, a fellow doctor, who he used to work with on libido researches and who has in the meantime been rejected by the scientific community. He also yearns to meet Léo's infected wife Coré again. Shane has the same mysterious disease as Coré, who is kept captive in the house by Léo, hiding her love crimes. The fact is, in a terrible biological experiment Shane and Coré (and maybe Léo) have been infected with the same virus. Coré rejects the medication and is constantly delirious, in a state between lust and death. On the other hand, Shane suppresses his devouring sexuality with medication and hides the disease from June…

color, 101 min