About Endlessness

Om det oändliga, feature film, Sweden, Germany, Norway, 2019

DIRECTED BY: Roy Andersson

About Endlessness

Martin Serner,
Jessica Louthander,
Tatiana Delaunay,
Anders Hellström,
Jan-Eje Ferling

Roy Andersson

Gergely Pálos

Johan Carlsson,
Kalle Boman,
Roy Andersson


The new feat of cult Swedish director Roy Andersson is a humorous, yet melancholic kaleidoscope of stories on the beauty, cruelty and banality of existence. Reminiscent of Scheherezade’s tales, the narrator takes us on a journey through dreamlike landscape populated by lost souls in search of sincere human contact. About Endlessness is Andersson’s first film since completing his award-winning “Living Trilogy” (Songs from the Second Floor, You, the Living) with A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (ZFF 2014). The film premiered at Venice where it won the Silver Lion for best director.

color, 78'