feature film, 1956

DIRECTED BY: Branko Marjanović


Boris Buzančić,
Goranka Vrus,
Jurica Dijaković,
Ivan Šubić,
Pero Kvrgić,
Relja Bašić

Zvonimir Berković,
Slavko Kolar,
Nikola Tanhofer (monolozi T. A. Vrdoljak)

Nikola Tanhofer

This film consists of three separate stories loosely linked by a group of partisans who have found themselves in a house surrounded by the enemy. The first part tells the story of an escape from a concentration camp, the second is about a pair of funny and ingenious partisans, and the third is a lyrical story about love troubles and impossibility of an emotional relationship in the time of war. This is the last film by Marjanović, made as an omnibus (at the time a very popular form in international film). Opsada is the first Croatian film in which sound was recorded on a magnetic tape.

black and white, 115 min.