Dog Days

Hundstage, feature film, drama, Austria, 2001

DIRECTED BY: Ulrich Seidl

Dog Days

Alfred Mrva,
Maria Hofstätter,
Christine Jirku,
Georg Friedrich,
Viktor Hennemann

Veronika Franz,
Ulrich Seidl

Wolfgang Thaler

Christof Schertenleib,
Andrea Wagner

The film takes place on a weekend during the-dog days period (between 24 July and 23 August). Dog days are the time of excessively hot weather when the stars of Orion light the sky. The scenery is that of unbearable heat south of Vienna in a no man's land between the highways, shopping malls and suburban houses. The temperature is rising, violence intensifies, and roads crack. Such is the atmosphere of the six stories sharing the same place and time, dealing with the everyday life and aggression, about the nights filled with songs, games, sex and violence, retelling the loneliness felt after the loss of love and the yearning for love. It is a film about life, as vulnerable and intimate as it can be

color, 121'