Friday Night

Vendredi soir, feature film, 2002.

DIRECTED BY: Claire Denis

Friday Night

Valérie Lemercier (Laure),
Vincent Lindon (Jean),
Hélène de Saint-Père (Marie),
Hélène Fillières,
Florence Loiret Caille

Claire Denis,
Emmanuèle Bernheim (prema vlastitom romanu)

Agnès Godard

It's Friday night and it's the last day Laure will be spending in her apartment. All her things are packed in boxes. She is moving in with her boyfriend tomorrow. But she still has doubts about it so she decides to go out for dinner with her friends. She gets in the car and goes on her way, but gets stuck in a traffic jam. She has completely forgotten about the strike that has caused the chaos in traffic. While everyone around her is nervous, she is enjoying herself in the space of her car.

color, 90 min