Ursa – The Song of the Northern Lights

Ursa – Nordlysets sang, animated, short feature, Norway, 2021

DIRECTED BY: Natalia Malykhina

Ursa – The Song of the Northern Lights

Natalia Malykhina

Masta Volkova,
Natalia Malykhina (animacija)

Natalia Malykhina (i DOP)


Baby polar bear Ursa is lost and goes in search for its mom in the cold dark Arctic. It makes its way through a blizzard, the icy cold tundra and sharp icy ravines, towards the northern lights and the magical song in hope of finding its mother. After overcoming all the obstacles, it reaches the edge of the earth. And then it sees her, in the distance, among the northern lights!

Age: 3+

color, 10'