Posljednji podvig diverzanta Oblaka

feature film, 1978

DIRECTED BY: Vatroslav Mimica

Posljednji podvig diverzanta Oblaka

Pavle Vuisić,
Slavica Jukić,
Predrag Manojlović

Vatroslav Mimica

Božidar Nikolić

Oblak is a war hero who fought against fascists in Spain, and afterwards joined partisans in Yugoslavia. His house is famous as a museum of some sort – a memorial to his heroic deeds. But, its surroundings have been devastated by skyscrapers. Oblak soon confronts a famous football player and decides to sue him. After that Oblak receives threats that his house will be the next one torn down and that a skyscraper will be built in it’s place. But, Oblak is persistent and decides to fight the inhumane corruption…

color, digital, 108 min