feature film, 1972.

DIRECTED BY: Robert Altman


Susannah York (Cathryn),
Rene Auberjonois (Hugh),
Marcel Bozzuffi (Rene),
Hugh Millais (Marcel),
Cathryn Harrison (Susannah)

Robert Altman

Vilmos Zsigmond

One night Cathryn receives a call from an unknown woman that causes her to start doubting her husband’s fidelity. He comes home finding her visibly distressed and tries to console her. Instead of calming down, she suddenly sees a different man in the place of her husband. Thinking that a trip to the country would do her good, the husband takes her out of the city but her state worsens. The border between reality and fantasy becomes thinner.
For this role of Cathryn Susannah York won an award in Cannes in 1972 as Best Actress.

color, 101 min