Only You

feature film, UK, 2018

DIRECTED BY: Harry Wootliff

Only You

Laia Costa,
Josh O’Connor,
Lisa McGrillis,
Bobby Rainsbury,
Stuart Martin,
Peter Wight

Harry Wootliff

Shabier Kirchner

Tim Fulford


For Elena (Laia Costa – Victoria) and Jake (Josh O’Connor – God’s Own Country, ZFF 2017) things always move at high speed. The two meet in Glasgow for New Year’s Eve and immediately start a passionate love affair. Within weeks they are already moving in together and talking about children. But, Jake is 26 while Elena is 35 and her biological clock is ticking. Their age difference and the pressure of time are a sobering fact and the newly minted couple has to decide what kind of life, and relationship, they want to have. This intelligent drama (BFI London) is a tender examination of the resilience of romance under the burden of everyday life. Backed by producers of Andrew Haigh’s acclaimed dramas 45 Years and Weekend.

Subtitles: HR

color, 119'