Simon of the Desert

Simón del desierto, feature film, humorous drama, Mexico, 1965

DIRECTED BY: Luis Buñuel

Simon of the Desert

Claudio Brook (Simón),
Silvia Pinal (vrag),
Hortensia Santoveña (majka),
Luis Aceves Castañeda (svećenik),
Enrique Álvarez Félix (brat Matías)

Julio Alejandro,
Luis Buñuel

Gabriel Figueroa

Raúl Lavista

Carlos Savage

The story takes place in the 5th century and the protagonist is the recluse Simón (based on St. Simón). He is deeply religious and, wishing to become closer to God, he climbs on a pole in the desert. There a devil appears and tests Simón’s faith. Each time the devil appears in a different form - he comes as a woman, a shepherd and a priest, but Simón sees through him every time. In the end, the devil takes Simón to a disco in New York in the 1960s.

b/w, 43'