The Orphanage

El orfanato, feature film, 2007.

DIRECTED BY: Juan Antonio Bayona

The Orphanage

Belén Rueda (Laura),
Fernando Cayo (Carlos),
Roger Príncep (Simón),
Mabel Rivera (Pilar),
Montserrat Carulla (Benigna)

Sergio G. Sánchez

Óscar Faura

Laura opens a home for handicapped children in a former orphanage where she spent a happy childhood. She is a grown woman now and has her own family: husband Simón and their adopted son Carlos. Soon after moving into the old orphanage, Carlos says to his mother that he has five invisible friends. Thinking that he is just imagining things, Laura does not pay much attention to her son’s stories.

digital, color, 105 min