Next Stop Wonderland

feature film, USA, 1998

DIRECTED BY: Brad Anderson

Next Stop Wonderland

Hope Davis (Erin Castleton),
Philip Seymour Hoffman (Sean),
Alan Gelfant (Alan Monteiro),
Cara Buono (Julie),
José Zúñiga (Andre de Silva)

Brad Anderson,
Lyn Vaus

Uta Briesewitz

Erin is a young medical nurse unlucky in love. Her boyfriend Sean just left her to live with some native tribe to help them keep their land. Her liberal mother puts a personals ad in the paper pretending to be Erin. At first Erin is furious but then becomes curious and decides to answer the young men who applied to the ad. Alan lives in the same town and seems to be perfect for her but somehow they always miss each other.

color, 35 mm, 104 min