Satan's Brew

Satansbraten, feature film, 1976

DIRECTED BY: Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Satan's Brew

Kurt Raab (Walter Kranz),
Margit Carstensen (Andrée),
Helen Vita (Luise Kranz),
Volker Spengler (Ernst Kranz),
Ingrid Caven (Lisa)

Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Michael Ballhaus,
Jürgen Jürges

This is a black comedy about an unlucky and clumsy writer who tries every imaginable way to get hold of some money. He has a brother fascinated by flies, a wife who counts the days since they last slept together, a rich masochistic lover who he accidentally shoots -- and at least one more lover. In the midst of all this mess he finds time to declare himself the reincarnation of Stefan Georg, a gay German poet from the 19th century.

digital, color, 112 min