As Far As I Can Walk

feature film, Serbia, Luksemburg, France, Bulgaria, Litva, 2021

DIRECTED BY: Stefan Arsenijević

As Far As I Can Walk

Ibrahim Koma,
Nancy Mensah-Offei,
Maxim Khalil,
Rami Farah,
Nebojša Dugalić

Stefan Arsenijević,
Bojan Vuletić,
Nicolas Ducray

Jelena Stanković

Vanja Kovačević


Stefan Arsenijević (Love and Other Crimes) offers a contemporary take on the great Serbian romance epic. After being deported from Germany to Serbia, Ghanaian couple Strahinja and Ababuo cope differently with their new circumstances. While Strahinja is content building his football career, passionate Ababuo does not get the same opportunities in making her ambitions come true, so she joins a group of Syrian refugees on their way to Western Europe. Left alone, Strahinja embarks on an odyssey along the Balkan route to find her. The film won a series of awards at Karlovy Vary, including Best Actor.

Subtitles: EN, HR

color, 92'