Space mission "Delta"

Misiunea spațială "Delta", animated, sci-fi, Romania, 1984

DIRECTED BY: Victor Antonescu

Space mission "Delta"

Mirela Gorea (glas),
Marcel Iures (glas),
Dan Condurache (glas),
Ion Chelaru (glas)

Victor Antonescu,
Mircea Toia


The year is 3084, man settled interplanetary space, but space is still full of secrets. On a research mission to a newly discovered Galaxy heads the most advanced spaceship, Delta, operated by an extremely powerful electronic brain.

Project Delta was conceived in order to establish a dialogue between intergalactic civilizations. Soon after an alien journalist, Alma, was allowed to board the spaceship, she and the captain noticed that the super-brain that controlled the ship could act by itself.

No one, however, counts on the fact that this artificial super intelligence will want to explore the area of human emotions and feelings. Eventually, they realize that the journalist's beauty was the reason for the brain's odd behavior. She became its muse. The enamored machine becomes out of control and threatens all living things around them.

color, 70'