The Yes Man are revolting

documentary, USA, 2014

DIRECTED BY: Laura Nix / Andy Bichlbaum / Mike Bonanno

The Yes Man are revolting

Keil Troisi,
Raul Barcelona,
Martin Boudot,
Christopher Clements,
Brandon Jourdan,
Laura Nix,
Sam Spreckley


For the last twenty years famous activists known as Yes Men (Mike Bonanno and Andy Bichlbaum) have organized unusual tricks and engaged in public dialogue about current issues around the world. In their third film, following The Yes Men and The Yes Men Fix the World, the y are in their mid forties and their mid-life crisis threatens to eliminate them from the activists’ scene once and for all. Nevertheless, they are preparing for their biggest challenge of all time – the problem of climate change. They are frustrated and worried: can they even be relevant anymore and how to fight against the biggest danger threatening the world? This film, as much as the deep analysis of the characters as the exciting journey, reveals real people hiding behind masks and shows their newest endeavors against the greed of the corporations. Overcoming their personal obstacles they manage to perform their activism that have a global importance and thus Yes Men send a message about ordinary people who overcome the acute paralysis of systems around the world. In more than one way they bring the necessary hope to the world.

The film was awarded at the Berlin Film Festival with the audience’s award.   

color, digital, 91 min