That Is the Dawn

Cela s'appelle l'aurore, feature film, drama, France, Italy, 1955

DIRECTED BY: Luis Buñuel

That Is the Dawn

Georges Marchal (doktor Valerio),
Lucia Bosé (Clara),
Julien Bertheau (komesar Fasaro),
Jean-Jacques Delbo (Gorzone),
Simone Paris (gđa. Gorzone)

Luis Buńuel,
Jean Ferry (based on novel by Emmanuel Roblès)

Robert Lefebvre

Joseph Kosma

Marguerite Renoir

The kind-hearted Doctor Valerio and his wife get transferred to a new post on a Mediterranean island. The doctor, who is always ready to help other people, is disgusted with the way the local factory owner exploits his employees. The arrival of a beautiful stranger named Clara marks the beginning of a new era in the doctor’s life. First he falls in love with Clara and his wife leaves him. Finally he decides to confront the factory owner.

b/w, 102'