Triangle of Sadness

igranu, humorous drama, Sweden, Germany, France, Denmark, 2022

DIRECTED BY: Ruben Östlund

Triangle of Sadness

Harris Dickinson (Carl),
Charlbi Dean (Yaya),
Woody Harrelson (kapetan),
Zlatko Burić (Dimitrij),
Vicki Berlin (Paula)

Ruben Östlund

Fredrik Wenzel

Ruben Östlund,
Mikel Cee Karlsson


Models Carl and Yaya are invited on a luxury cruise in the company of the ultra-rich – a Russian oligarch, British arms dealers and the eccentric, Marx-quoting alcoholic captain. At first, everything seems perfectly Instagrammable, but a storm is brewing and the luxurious dinner with the captain is spoiled by all-around seasickness. Part of the passengers and crew end up stranded on a deserted island. Discovering that only one of them can catch fish, the hierarchy among the marooned is suddenly turned upside down. Triangle of Sadness is a riotous satire about class roles and the bad taste of extreme wealth, which earned director Ruben Östlund his second Palme d’Or at Cannes.

color, 142'