The Intruder

L'intrus, feature film, 2004.

DIRECTED BY: Claire Denis

The Intruder

Michel Subor (Louis Trebor),
Grégoire Colin (Sidney),
Yekaterina Golubeva (mlada Ruskinja),
Bambou (ljekarnica),
Florence Loiret Caille (Antoinette)

Claire Denis,
Jean-Pol Fargeau (prema romanu Jean-Luca Nancya)

Agnès Godard

Louis Trebor is a wealthy loner living in the mountains with his dogs. He is pushing seventy, but he has health problems and needs a heart transplant. The relationship with his son Sidney, who lives close by, is not good. Sidney is a caring husband and father, and Louis can't make an emotional connection to anyone. He prepares for a journey to find a new heart and meet his other son who lives in Tahiti.

color, 130 min