A Boy's Summer in 1945

feature film, 2002

DIRECTED BY: Kazuo Kuroki

A Boy's Summer in 1945

Tasuku Emoto (Yasuo Hidaka),
Yoshio Harada (Shinegori Hidaka),
Tokie Hidari (Shige Hidaka),
Wakaba Irie (Hiroko Kodera)

Kazuo Kuroki,
Masataka Matsuda

Masaki Tamura

This is a story about a 16 year-old boy Yasu’s growing up in the summer if 1945, right before WW II. Yasu’s parents send him from Tokyo to the country to visit his grandmother and grandfather. He manages to avoid the draft because of his poor health, but he feels guilty because of his friend’s death during an air attack.

color, 118 minuta