The Staffroom

Zbornica, feature film, Croatia, 2021

DIRECTED BY: Sonja Tarokić

The Staffroom

Marina Redžepović,
Stojan Matavulj,
Nives Ivanković,
Maja Posavec,
Sandra Lončarić,
Daria Lorenci Flatz

Sonja Tarokić

Danko Vučinović

Borna Buljević


Faced with the limitations of the school system and surrounded by disheartened teachers, the enthusiastic new school counsellor Anamarija (Marina Redžepović) clashes with a problematic history teacher (Stojan Matavulj), not realising she is gradually becoming more like her staffroom colleagues. The feature debut of one of the most popular authors of ZFF’s Checkers programme (On Shaky Ground – ZFF 2014, Golden Pram; I’m a Self-Made Woman, Red), is a detailed Altmanesque study of a community’s dynamics and inner conflicts. Awarded a Special Jury Mention and Ecumenical Jury Commendation at Karlovy Vary.

Subtitles: EN

color, 126'