Živjeti od ljubavi

feature film, Croatia film, 1973

DIRECTED BY: Krešo Golik

Živjeti od ljubavi

Vlasta Knezović (Minja),
Rade Šerbedžija (Davor),
Boris Dvornik (Medan),
Franjo Majetić,
Alenka Rančić (Ana)

Krešo Golik

Ivica Rajković


Young married couple of students Davor and Minja encounter problems when Davor loses his financial aid and cannot continue studying. In order to enable Davor to continue his studies, Minja drops out of the university and gets a job as a teacher in an elementary school in the village Crna Lokva. There she lives with Ana, who lives alone with her children while her husband has been working in Germany for the last three years. Minja likes living there but in school she has problems with her colleagues’ opportunism and intrigues. She has to make certain compromises in order to save her job. 

color, 35mm widescreen, 101 min