Wonder Boys

feature film, humorous drama, 2000

DIRECTED BY: Curtis Hanson

Wonder Boys

Michael Douglas (Grady Tripp),
Tobey Maguire (James Leer),
Frances McDormand (Sara Gaskell),
Robert Downey Jr. (Terry Crabtree),
Katie Holmes (Hannah Green)

Steve Kloves (based on Michael Chabon's novel)

Dante Spinotti


A few years ago Grady Tripp published a successful novel. Today he is a university professor and teaches creative writing but suffers from writer’s block. He kills time by smoking loads of marijuana. His third wife Emily just left him and his lover Sara is expecting their child. At the same time he gets an unexpected visit from his literary agent Terry who has been waiting on his new novel for seven years. Hannah and James are Grady’s students and part of his diverse company.

color, 35 mm, 107 min