Zonder Meer

feature film, short feature, Belgium, 2020

DIRECTED BY: Meltse Van Coillie

Zonder Meer

Lucie Wyns,
Jeroom Smeyers,
Lone Genar,
Eva Binon,
Patrick Vervueren

Meltse Van Coillie

Harm Dens

Meltse Van Coillie,
Harm Dens


When a boy goes missing from a campsite, for most this unpleasant event marks the end of a carefree holiday. As the refreshing lake suddenly becomes forbidden territory, five-year-old Lucie tries to understand why. The film that premiered at Berlinale was produced by famous directing duo Jessica Woodworth and Peter Brosens (i – Venice 2006 – Lion of the Future, ZFF 2015; King of the Belgians – ZFF 2016; The Barefoot Emperor – ZFF 2019).

Subtitles: EN, HR

color, 14'