Film mosaic: Magic of the Austrian Film Museum

Non-profit organization Austrian Filmmuseum (Das Österreichische Filmmuseum), which was established in 1964 in Vienna by the legendary Peter Kubelka and Peter Konlechner, has become one of the most relevant film institutions in Austria and one of the most important cinematheques and film museum in Europe in a relatively short time. Besides screening and preserving films, Filmmuseum also deals with restoration of films and publishing. However, it is most famous for its innovative film programs. One of those will be presented during Short Tuesday in Tuškanac by the well-known curator and critic Christoph Huber. We will see a selection of classics and unknown master-pieces, from the early hand-colored film by Segundo de Chomon and the for a long time lost piece by Josef Von Sternberg, to films by Stan Brakhage, Jess Franco and Guy Maddin.


Program of films:
L'obsession de l'or, Segundo De Chomón, France, 1906., 6 min, 35mm
Les chiens savants, unknown director, France, 1909., 5 min, 35mm
Spione - trailer, Fritz Lang, Germany, 1928., 5 min, 35mm
The Case of Lena Smith - clip, Josef Von Sternberg, USA, 1929., 5 min, 35mm
Trade Tattoo, Len Lye, Great Britain, 1937., 6 min, 35mm
Duck Amuck, Chuck Jones, USA, 1953., 7 min, 16mm
Window Water Baby Moving, Stan Brakhage, USA, 1959., 12 min, 16mm
L.B.J., Santiago Álvarez, Cuba, 1968., 18 min, 35mm
Vampyros Lesbos - trailer, Jess Franco, 1971., 3 min, 35mm
37/78 Tree Again, Kurt Kren, Austria, 1978., 4 min, 16mm
The Heart Of The World, Guy Maddin, Canada, 2000., 7 min, 35mm
Black Death Filter, Dietmar Brehm, Austria, 2003., 10 min, 16mm
Notes On Film 03: Mosaik Mécanique - Cinematic Version, Norbert Pfaffenbichler; Austria, 2008., 10 min, 35mm