Victor Antonescu

16.07.1936, Bucharest



He began his work as an animator and set designer at the "București" Cinematographic Studio, and from 1964 he continued at the "Animafilm" Studio. In 1967, he made his directorial debut with the episode "Ideal" from the collective film "Pământul oamenilor" ("The Earth of Mankind"), signing alongside Virgil Mocanu, Constantin Mustețea, Genoveva Georgescu, Olimp Vărășteanu, and Ion Popescu Gopo.

He produced the first Romanian animated feature film, "Robinson Crusoe", (a co-production between Animafilm and Studio Corona Cinematografica from Italy). Completed in December 1974, the film was shownt in Romania after 1990, after being banned by communist censorship.


Films by this director

Space mission "Delta"

(Misiunea spațială "Delta", Romania, 1984)

Directed by: Victor Antonescu

The year is 3084, man settled interplanetary space, but space is still full of secrets. On a research mission to a newly discovered Galaxy heads the most advanced spaceship, Delta, operated by an extremely powerful electronic brain. Project Delta was conceived in order to establish a dialogue between intergalactic civilizations. Soon after an alien journalist, Alma, was allowed to board the spaceship, she and the captain noticed that the super-brain that controlled the ship could act by itself....

color, 70'
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